Woods Feed originated more than 50 years ago by Leonard Woods.  Even though the store has changed ownership and locations several times through the years it still bears the “Woods” name. 

Currently the store is located on Robinson Road, East of The Woodlands and Oak Ridge North “across the tracks.”  Our area has become increasingly more suburban with new developments and expansions of The Woodlands, thus decreasing the rural farmsteads and property.

These changes have caused us to re-evaluate our position as your “typical” feed store.  While we once specialized in Livestock and Farm supplies, our focus has become more pet oriented, specifically in pet nutrition and supplies.  We still carry livestock feed, insecticides, fertilizers, and all that would normally be expected of a feed store, just with a little more emphasis in meeting the needs of your beloved pet. 

Eight years ago we began carrying several dog food lines that were quickly becoming the newest fad in pet food.  We have further enhanced our line by dedicating ourselves to carrying the best and most affordable lines of pet foods that we could, and are proud to say that our selection of foods both available in store and special order far exceeds that of your typical pet boutique or big box retail store. 

We strive to continually follow manufacturers and nutritionists around the country to ensure that our inventory is the most complete and affordable that we can carry.

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