Got Fleas in the house? 
Have Chiggers and ticks in the yard? 

Come by and see us. 

We have several different options for ridding your home and yard of unwanted visitors.  Most of the products we carry are synthetic chemicals and are safe when used properly around your home and yard.  Since we are still a feed store, we carry a line of agricultural grade of pesticides and insecticides which are often much stronger and more effective than what is offered in the large box stores.

If chemicals aren’t your thing, we have natural organic products that are safe and harmless to pets, environment, and affect only the pests. 

Many other options are available as well to suit your needs. 

Having a party and want to control mosquitoes and flies?  We have a product that works unbelievably well and will last up to a month that will rid the area entirely.





Brand Lines    
Advantage Adams Demon WP
Cyonara Bifen Motomco

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