Demanding less attention and care than their canine counter parts, it’s easy to understand why more and more families are choosing cats as their in home companions. 

Cats are carnivorous by nature and lack a particular amino acid required to digest grains and vegetables, yet it is surprising how many food manufacturers still choose to use miscellaneous indigestible grains and sub-par ingredients in their foods. 

We carry several high end lines of both wet and dry foods developed to help nurture and maintain your cat that contain absolutely no grains of any sort.  These foods are very high in meat content are proven to help support a healthy weight/growth ratio and help reduce urinary tract infections while increasing overall general health.



Dry Food    
Chicken Soup
Premium Edge Diamond Taste of the Wild


Canned Food    
Chicken Soup Taste of the Wild


Raw Food    




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-Canned Foods
-Raw Foods

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