Our dog food lines have grown over the years to include some of the best foods available for your dog today. 

We continually monitor the market and currently available products to ensure that we are carrying the best foods that we can for the best value.  We carry several lines that are competitive with national brands available in local chain stores and supermarkets, but our foods will actually save you money by feeding them because of their high digestibility and premium ingredients. 

Our lines include several Super Premium dog foods that are as good as you can buy in a bag.  Our frozen line includes complete diets, supplemental feeding programs, and frozen bones that make excellent treats. 

Our general rule of thumb is if you couldn’t eat it, why should your dog?  Our customers constantly rant and rave at how well their pets are doing after being switched to our foods, and we back them all 100%. 

If you are ever unsatisfied or have any problems with our pet foods, we stand behind each and every one we sell.


Dry Food    
Chicken Soup
Premium Edge Diamond Taste of the Wild


Canned Food    
Chicken Soup Taste of the Wild


Raw Food    


Zuke's Merrick  


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